"The 12th Year- Finally!" is the Season 2 premire of the show. The episode focuses on Sabrina's 12th birthday.


It's Sabrina's 12th birthday. Her parents are throwing her a party, where they of course invited the boys. However, the boys are performing at local venues in Manhattan that day, and are so busy that they forget all about it. At the end, they finally end up making it to the party, and serendae Sabrina with their song "Who's That Chick? (On The Radio)".

Memorable QuotesEdit

Sabrina: Boys!

Spencer (sung): Happy...

Logan (a third higher): Happy...

Carter: (a fifth higher): Happy...

All three: BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Sabrina: Aw, thanks, boys! I knew you could make it!

Carter: Here's a little song we wrote just for Sabrina! Hit it, Spencer!