This is an episode from season 2 of The Browne Boyz (dedicated to SweetiePieKids02).

Plot Edit

The school dance at Colton Middle School this year is going to be Motown-themed, so the Browne Boyz decide to perform some Motown songs at the dance. Sabrina is ecstatic when a boy named Chris asks her to the dance, but problems arise when Chris starts to annoy her at the dance.

Meanwhile, Caitlyn loses Lady Sparkle-Pants and her parents decide to buy her a new unicorn. Will Caitlyn accept her new unicorn...or will she find Lady Sparkle-Pants?

Motown Songs Edit

The Browne Boyz and Sabrina sing some Motown songs in this episode:

  • Rockin' Robin (sung as a practice song)
  • Soul Man (sung as a practice song)
  • Dancing in the Street (sung as a practice song and at the dance)
  • My Girl (sung at the dance)
  • Ain't No Mountain High Enough (sung at the dance)
  • Heard It Through the Grapevine (sung at the dance)
  • Let's Twist Again (sung by the Browne Boyz and Sabrina)