The "Ke$ha Medley" is an a cappella medley of three songs by pop sensation Ke$ha: Take It Off, Blow, and Tik Tok. It is sung by Sabrina and the boys in Season 2.


Logan (spoken): Dance!

(multi layered melody)

Sabrina: Back door cracked, we don't need a key (harmonizing with Carter) We get 'em for free, no VIPs please. Drink that Kool Aid, follow my lead. Now your'e one of us. You're comin' with me!!! This place about to blow o-o-o-o-o-o-o! Blow O-o-o-o-o-o-o!

Logan: This place about to blow!

(Transiton to Take It Off)

Sabrina: There's a place downtown where we like to hang around.

Carter: Not a hole in the wall...

Both: It's an awesome place for all, yeah yeah!

Sabrina: When the dark of the night comes around that's the time that the animal comes alive, looking for something wild!

Carter (a third higher): Wild!

Spencer: Wild!

Sabrina: Take it off, take it off, everybody take it off (twice, Spencer and Carter joining in the second time)

(Transition to Tik Tok)

Sabrina: Now the party don't stop 'till I walk in!

All: Don't stop, make it pop, DJ blow the speakers up!

Sabrina: Tik tok on the clock, party's never gonna stop now


Carter: No!

Logan (a third higher): No!

Sabrina (another third higher): No!

Spencer (another third higher): No!

Sabrina: The party don't stop!



  • This is the first medley on the show featuring songs by the same artist.
  • This is the third track on the album "In Perfect Harmony".