"A Gleeful Collaboration" is the third episode of Season Two of the show. It is where Sheree, a new minor charachter is introduced.


Sabrina signs the boys up for the Colton County Glee Club Competition. But another girl, Sheree, who is a bit of a diva, has brought her glee club along too, and they don't even sing a cappella! Sabrina and the boys try to talk Sheree out of it, and the two glee clubs end up collaborating at the end.

The episode stars Katherine McNarama as Sheree.


  • This is he first episode where Oinkle Bear is not mentioned.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Sheree: Oh, I have a song for you, too. Wanna hear it?

Boys: Yeah, sure.

Sheree: Okay. It goes like this: Hello,(a third higher) Hello,(another third higher) Hello, (spoken) GOODBYE!!! (slams door)